At Criterion we are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and help lower costs for our customers. There are a variety of ways we can do this.

Stocking Programs
For our higher volume customers, we offer annual contract pricing that can include Min/Max stocking programs where we shelve and manage inventory. Customers can pull from this inventory with short notice, thus increasing their flexibility and lowering their overall inventory costs.

Direct Distribution
We routinely ship complete assemblies in custom packaging to customer distribution centers helping them reduce the number of days they retain product in inventory. For more information about our sub-assembly programs click here.

Process Improvement
We invite all our existing and potential customers to visit our facilities where together, we can find ways to improve processes and services for everyone.

At Criterion, we constantly analyze each step of our manufacturing process via value stream mapping and lean manufacturing methods. We perform cost base analysis on each product to determine when investments in automation or tooling upgrades (such as multi cavity tooling) can help drive down the unit costs.

Criterion Capabilities Overview

Design & Analysis  • Injection Molding  •  Thermoforming  •  Warehousing  •  Secondary Operations  •  Off Shelf Products

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