Secondary Operations

In addition to manufacturing optical-grade plastic parts, we offer a wide variety of secondary operations for finishing or packaging. Finish operations include vacuum metallizing, painting, specialty coatings, and subassembly work along with packaging to fit your requirements.

From helping our customers manage inventory levels and SKUs, to serving multiple final assembly facilities around the world, we are always anxious to find ways to add value and efficiency for our customers. Take a look below at some of our secondary operations in action.

Criterion Capabilities Overview

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Application of scratch resistant coating.

Full 5-axis CNC machining of parts post molding.

Vacuum Metallizing creates a one-way mirror or reflective effect on the plastic dome or lens surface. A mirrored coating provides the best method for concealment of the camera. Metallized plastic bubbles/ domes are available in 24KGold or a Mirrored “Chrome” finish. Other custom coatings are available upon request.

Painting the interior of an optical dome can provide a low-cost method of concealing a fixed camera’s position. We can paint the interior of a dome, leaving a custom sized viewing window with a feathered edge to help hide the window location. We typically use black or white paint, which is specifically formulated for use on either acrylic (PMMA) or polycarbonate (PC) polymers. Both thermoformed and injection molded optical domes can be painted.

We are proud to offer our new custom pad printing services. This allows you the ability to to brand your product for your specific needs.

Laser Welding systems provide IP68 and IK-10+ compatible sealing of dome to trim ring thus eliminating expensive gaskets, O-rings, and mounting hardware.

Criterion offers a wide variety of fabrication and turn-key sub assembly services including laser welding, ultrasonic welding, and sub assembly services that can lower overall product costs. By leveraging our specially designed automated laser welding process for example, we can eliminate components such as gaskets or O-rings. Our assembly capabilities allow us to provide our customers with complete assemblies that can include the plastic dome, the trim ring and other housing accessories.

This value added service can then allow us to ship product directly to our customers’ distribution sites. This eliminates customer scrap and handling costs. Our turn- key assemblies also reduce the need to track multiple SKU’s – further reducing inventory handling costs.

We are proud to offer several, unique assembly methods that meet IK-10+, IP66, IP54, NEMA 4 and other environmental requirements.

Laser Welding
We have designed our laser welding process to allow us to help customers eliminate the need for gaskets, o-rings, Loctite and other hardware items while providing a higher quality product at a lower cost. We use a custom laser welding system to permanently join materials using the radiation from a focused, energy-dense, beam of infrared light. This non-contact welding process minimizes thermal and mechanical stresses, and provides an extremely small heat affected zone, thus ensuring that components are exposed to the least hostile welding environment possible.

Ultrasonic Welding
Like laser welding, our ultrasonic welding process allows us to help customers eliminate the need for gaskets, o-rings, loctite and other hardware items while providing a higher quality product at lower costs. We offer programmable ultrasonic welding for joining a wide variety of plastics.

Mechanical Assembly
Our turn-key assembly services are performed by highly trained and skilled operators. These services can range from simple assemblies with minimum hardware items to more complex assemblies requiring a greater amount of hardware items such as trim rings, UV cured adhesives, seals, o-rings and more.

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