about-logoCriterion Technology, Inc. has been the industry leader in optical camera domes for the security industry since 1990. Our optical dome covers are designed for areas such as airports, casinos and retail shops where clarity and durability are a must. Our injection molded optical domes provide excellent coverage and protection for high definition cameras including the latest 4k camera technology.

Cameras of this level require our impact resistant polycarbonate or Optical Nylon protective domes where durability is in high demand.  Our injection molded optical quality domes can withstand the rigor of high temperatures, impact from vandalism, abuse and will continue to provide protection for your investment inside the dome as well as superior optical performance and image clarity.

Criterion Technology has pioneered the use of durable materials to offer clarity, safety and strength for over 27 years. Today, we have broadened our scope to include a variety of applications where our dedication to optical quality injection molded domes is required. Whether you are providing facilities security, diving deep below the ocean’s surface or housing state-of-the-art Lidar sensing equipment, we have your equipment covered.

Our commitment to continuous process and materials research in the manufacturing of optical domes has insured our success. In this industry, utilizing advanced technologies and automation to improve product quality is imperative. Keeping up with technology can be expensive, so cost-cutting efforts are a must. We work with a variety of materials to create plastic domes, polycarbonate domes, and acrylic domes. As a DNV-certified ISO-9001:2008 manufacturer, Criterion has supplied optical products such as CCTV replacement domes to leading video security companies around the world. Our dedication to the quality of our injection molded domes is evident in every aspect of what we do. We’re consistently recognized for excellent customer service, process flexibility, on-time delivery, and product precision. Criterion shipped well over 750,000 optical domes and lenses in 2016 without a single rejection for poor optical performance.

Pillar 1 – Our People are Our Best Resource

Criterion is an equal opportunity employer and we are proactive in training, empowering and developing our employees. We emphasize work place safety through employee involvement in job safety training, job hazard analysis, and pro-active prevention activities.

Pillar 2 – We Are Very Customer Focused

We recognize that customers are the reason why we exist, and we are very aggressive about doing whatever it takes to make our customers happy and successful.

Pillar 3 – We Support Our Local Community

Criterion actively supports local charities and community organizations. We participate in civic programs such as Smoke on the Water, a festival supporting local volunteer fire departments and the Harbor House, a temporary home for children from dangerous environments. Our employees also passionately support the Empty Stocking Fund toy and food drive for underprivileged children.

Pillar 4 – We Help Protect the Environment

With several aggressive and comprehensive recycling and waste disposal programs in place, Criterion has taken a true leadership role in working to protect our environment. From plastics to corrugated paper to chemical waste disposal, Criterion meets and exceeds all federal and state laws in an effort to protect and preserve our valuable resources.

about-qc The video quality of any domed product or system is only as good as the bubble (dome) that covers it. And as cameras grow in pixel density and magnification, the quality of the dome is more critical than ever. Any material or manufacturing flaws in the dome will be noticed. Criterion is the world leader in the design and manufacture of optical dome covers for high- performance camera products. Our highly specialized development and production teams are committed to producing domes that consistently meet and exceed customer requirements and quality expectations. In obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certification, Criterion’s quality management system has successfully undergone a comprehensive, rigorous assessment and our process and organization meets defined standards of repeatable quality. It ensures that our systems have been adequately defined and corrective action systems are fully developed and functional, which reduces the need for costly conformance inspections. This ultimately instills trust and confidence in our customers, and reinforces a commitment to quality.

about-domes The quality management system of Criterion Technology Inc. has been certified by DNV as meeting ISO 9001:2008 standards. DNV is one of the leading management system certifying bodies in the world, and has issued more than 70,000 certificates across a very broad spectrum of manufacturing and service industries. A PDF copy of our ISO certificate may be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Download PDF of DNV Certificate

A certified quality management system promotes, facilitates and enables consistency and improvements in a process or product. It provides a uniform and predictable output every time a set of procedures is executed. The result of this effort is a system that reduces cycle time and improves operational efficiency. about-dome-2

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